Painless Anestesia

In our time, it is not an excuse to run away from the dentist, because of, your fear of pain. Because with modern anesthetics all pain you can feel during a treatment is prevented.

You can easily get over this process with special devices which makes you feel no pain. With these devices anesthesia is relieved with a microchip which regulates the injection rate.

Virtual Smile Design

Only used for bleaching and for soft tissue treatments until recently. Today lasers have been very useful thanks to technological advances and scientific researches. Because laser doesn’t produce any heat, friction or vibration you don’t feel any pain.
So the need for anesthetics have been dropping, some treatments require no more anesthetics anymore. Usually there is no bleeding in treatments done with lasers. Swellings, complications or disturbances do not occur after treatments.

  • In implant treatments, using laser to sterilize the area where the tooth is pulled for hemnimplant increases success of the implants. Also in surgeries (opening of gum to expose the implant) needed for upper structure building is simplified by laser use and the process gets shorter.

  • In cases where the patient has genetical hyper pigmentation, this problem can be solved by laser peeling in 3 or 4 visits.

  • Because laser used areas are 100% infection free and sterile, the risk for infection and cavities are zero.

  • In periodontal treatments (gum inflammation) laser can be used as a support treatment to sterilize the environment thus increasing the success of the treatment.

  • In endodonty (root therapy), laser increases success by sterilizing the root channels.

  • In patients with diabetes and heart risk, using laser to sterilize the area after a tooth pull or using laser in treatments remove any danger of infection. Using laser on pregnant women also removes any risks.

Laser Technology in Dentistry

People, who want to alter their front teeth for cosmetic reasons can now see how their teeth will look after the treatment. With computer aided smile design software, before any treatment is started, you can see how your smile will look.

Not only that, but you can also take a printout of your new smile and discuss the new look with your friends and decide on the treatment. All you have to do is to get an appointment and after being instructed on what can be done, see the results at your next appointment.

Digital X-Ray (RVG)

Today in dentistry, digital X-rays are preferred instead of traditional X-Ray.


  • Especially in cases (root therapy) where you get exposed to X-ray 2-3 times, you get nearly 1/10th of the radiation with digital X-ray.

  • It saves time not having to wait for X-Ray development.

  • Digital X-rays are kept in a computer in a more hygienic way.

Your dream smile is no longer impossible

Smile Again with Your Healthy and Aesthetic Teeth

As Plusdent Dental Clinic, we plan your treatment in accordance with your personal wishes and needs. We offer professional solutions with advanced technologies in all dental treatments.

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