The importance of infection control and hygiene in dentistry :

Today we live in a small world thanks to advancing technology and transportation.

People can go from one place to another faster and easier.

With that freedom, location based diseases can spread to anywhere.

The spread of diseases like AIDS made it essential to use infection control in dentistry just like other areas.

What is important is not to get a disease or sickness you did not have before the treatment.

Because of all these reasons, in clinics infection control must be carried out with maximum care.

What methods do you use in Plusdent for infection control ?

We apply every sterilization procedures we believe is necessary to provide you a clean and a healthy environment to give you the best service. In our clinic we use world approved disinfectants and sterilization procedures.

  • Use of overshoes for shoes: When you think of garbage on the street or the saliva, we know that you would not want to carry any microbes to an environment where you or a relative will go under treatment. That is why you wear overshoes. Clinic staff uses shoes which they only wear at the clinic.

  • Patient Apron: It prevents bacteria to spread to your clothes via saliva and blood.

  • Use of mask, gloves and protective glasses: Protects the patient, doctor and the staff from spreading microbes with breathing, blood, saliva and physical contact.

  • Heat sterilization: Tools used in treatments must be sterilized (after each use) with high heat. Non sterile tools should never be used. Usually this process is done by two devices.
    Sterilizator giving high heat (Dry air sterilization) provides good sterilization but damages the tools’ structure and properties. Named Autoclave (Pressurized air sterilization), the second device is used for items that cannot be put into sterilizator. Autoclave provides faster and more reliable sterilization.

  • Disposable (Single use) Tools: In clinics special disposable injectors are used. The needles used by these injectors, plastic glasses where patients gargle with and other tools like the one sucking the saliva and blood should be used once and must be thrown after.

  • Disinfectant sprays and solutions: Patient seats should be cleaned with disinfectants after every use and head rest covers should be changed. Also tools used on patients should be dry air sterilised, prosthesis from laboratories and molds from patients should be kept in disinfectant solutions before use.

  • Disposal of the used material: Used needles should be broken and kept inside a bottle while glass and plastic material should be kept and packaged separately. Amalgam fillings residue should be kept in a bottle full of water (to prevent mercury vapor mix into the air) before disposal.

  • Patient’s medical history: At every patient’s first visit we ask various questions about his/her general health. Sicknesses they have caught or still have, medicines being used and allergies, the type of treatment required will direct your dentist. An illness you don’t care about may be very important for your dentist (about your treatment or materials used).

    If this is not your first visit, do not forget to warn your dentist if you have had any change in your health. You must remember that your seriousness about the subject can save you and others.

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